Search torrents by title for DLE v.0.1 working module

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Apr 29, 2020

This module searches for torrent distribution by name or by additional field. Uses AJAX technology, thus does not load the server, works very quickly, simple installation without editing DLE files. The module is not a parser, therefore it will always work, it uses the open API for finding torrent distributions.

Download the archive, go to Admin-> Utilities-> Manage plugins, Download plugin and select our archive

Insert into the desired place of the fullstory.tpl template:
{include file = "engine / modules / tor_search.php? title = {title}"}
Admin. panel-> Third Party Modules-> Search torrents v.0.1

A brief description of the settings:
User Key - can be left blank, works without it
Simulate a torrent download from the server - will upload to a temporary file to your server, give it to the user and delete it
Show descriptions - screen

Show files - screen

Number of results - the maximum number of results displayed on the site
Search type - if you do not specify, searches for any of the words, Medium - medium, Strong - exact matches of words
Search for the period - how long to search for published torrents
Server error - message text if an ajax request occurred error
Not found - the text of the message, if nothing was found

Table styles can be edited in the file engine / modules / tor_search.php line, about 36 or put them in a separate CSS file The
table is formed by the file engine / ajax / ajax_tor_search.php, line, about 80

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