List Out features must-have in the Udemy Clone app

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Feb 3, 2021
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comprises the Learner app, Instructor app, and Admin panel. These modules with enriched features improve the functionality of the app.

Features of learners app
  • Search filters
The online learning app will cover a plethora of courses on various topics. So, the smart search option enables the learners to browse their desired courses by applying filters.
  • Course details
Learners can check out the course details, which include descriptions describing the outline of the course. Also, they can view the ratings and reviews provided by the other learners. This will help the learners to know whether a particular course is suitable for them or not.

Features of Instructors app
  • Dashboard
It is an important feature in the Instructor app. Using this feature, instructors can track the course which they have uploaded for the learners. They get to know their total earnings, the total number of learners enrolled in their courses, etc.
  • Course creation
It is a distinguishable feature when you compare Udemy with other apps like Coursera. Since Coursera is primarily focusing on offering university courses, it does not allow instructors to upload courses. Contrarily, Udemy allows the instructors to create and upload the courses. Integrate a CMS tool that would allow the instructors to create and customize the courses.

Features of Admin panel
  • Dashboard
The admin panel is for the app owners to get track of the real-time analysis of the app. This feature will provide information regarding the total number of courses uploaded, instructors registered with the app, and students enrolled in the courses.
  • Payment management
You can track the complete payment details, including payment sent and received in addition to the instructors’ payment module. This is to ensure that if the payment is successful.

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solution will be a smart decision. With this, you can launch your online learning app in a few weeks.
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