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Jul 9, 2019
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1. You need en eBay and a PayPal account.

2. Then make an account
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(Use my ref. link to receive the first 5$ bonus)

3. IMPORTANT The only way it works if you use the free 5$ referral bonus so why not just use my link.

4. Go to settings and fill in your PayPal name and email to make sure you receive the payment

5. To be able to send you free 5$ from the website you need to get at least 1 cashback. Just Search eBay and then click on shop now (purchase something on eBay that Costs between 1$ and 1.01$ (for example a pen or a little laser pointer)

You can buy gift cards also, like a 10$ amazon or steam gift card. It will cost you more but you will not loose money and get more cashback
[Image: smile.png]

6. This, of course, will cost you 1$ but you get $5.01(5.00 + 0.01(1%ebay) onto your PayPal next payday so profit is $5.01-$1.00=4.01 on your PayPal account.
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