Earn FREE Wish Cash (Up to $100 free Wish Cash) Every Month

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Jun 25, 2020
So, what you'll need to do is sign up to Wish and copy your referral code.
Then, you go to a voucher sharing website, the one that accepted my code is Vouchercodes.com or Vouchercodes.co.uk if you're in the UK.
Sign up to their site and then submit a code. For the title, you should put something like Get up to 50% off your First Wish Order in the App!
Fill in the description and expiry date (even though the code doesn't expire), so your code will get checked by the vouchercodes site quicker.
Sometimes, they might just not accept your code, but most of the time they will. If they don't accept your code, keep creating Wish accounts and submitting different codes until one will be accepted.
Once your codes been accepted, you can just wait for the wish cash that you can spend. You can earn up to $100 every month but sometimes they have a promo where you can earn $200, or sometimes even $400 at times.

Proof this works:


If you want real money from this, then you can probably just sell the item(s) you get for more money than you got it for with your free wish cash.

Btw, if you do want 50% off your first wish order, zbrsdjl is the code to use. The least you can do when I've helped out.


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