dualmine - bonus 100gh/s cloud mining

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Jul 1, 2020
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Dualmine cloud mining platform , when u register recive free BONUS 100 gh/s BTC ,the site anyversary is 2 yeas and this is a promotion this month
They have an offer for mining invest all x6 SUPER power for incrase mining

This is the coin for mining , minim for investing its 24 for doge coin and up to 15$ for bitcoin

U can calculate your investement , the best ROI -ul for every mining coin
PS. In this moment the best roi is for ETH


To buy coin see this image .

After u need to clik on create order
The will be appared your selected coin to invest move your cursor betwen = or – to chose your $$$ after click on BUY CONTRACT NOW and after u can see how much u need to send the adress.
To bee sure u win x6 power before buy u nned to clik on profits and after go down u see the code u need to insert in promo code from new orders .

Join Now to recive your bonus :
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Ther is my payment proof from this site
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