Digital Content Creator [online] [work from home]

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New member
Jun 10, 2020
Hong Kong
Are you looking for a freelance job while staying home? Are you interested in cryptocurrency trading and would like to learn more about it? Here comes an opportunity to join our team, become part of our Digital Content Creators and learn about !

Our Digital Content Creators are responsible for spreading crypto-related tips and knowledge on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Forums. We will provide basic templates but we highly welcome your creativity and personal input! You are also responsible for maintaining the content you shared, and guaranteeing that your posts remain visible on the platforms.

- Work from home
- Your own digital device (PC/ smartphone) with internet accessibility
- Be interested in cryptocurrency exchange. It’s okay if you are new to cryptocurrency exchange. It is a great chance to learn through this opportunity!
- Be responsible, with a can-do attitude. The more content you create and spread, the more you earn! We also provide extra bonus for Creators with exceptional performance.
- experience and knowledge in cryptocurrency related forum/ social media pages and groups is a plus. But we would provide basic training and templates for you!

Please contact us through our telegram group
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