Alpha 1v Sports Betting & Online Casino Script

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Uploadit Hosting
Apr 29, 2020

I found this script in the public (I don't remember which one). It was uploaded as it is, with non-working elements, bugs, copyright code, a global link to the company's servers. Interested - I decided to go on your fun And so it works: Check- -Avtorizatsiya -Protect complete (no holes) -Peredelan under php 7+ (was 5.6) -Peredelany all grades -Translation (not all translations are ready, but in Skolem I will add localization of many countries) -Viewing world matches (API for large monitoring of game events was screwed on), so far there is no view of the match itself! Soon I will fix it -Sending letters of activation, registration (sends everything as it should, but there will be an update)

-Sleep protection (throws it out of the system when idle)
-Currency converter (cursory is built into the system, takes currency rates from Google)
-Make promotions, bonuses, mailing bonuses, 5-level referral
-Personal live chat! It will be linked to the admin area for quick replies to users.
-Exhibiting user roles (Admin, Moderator, Tech Support, Partner, Business Partner)
- Registration on the site as a legal entity (corrected and works correctly

What does not work so far:
-Admin panel (it's just not there! I'm making a new one since the standard one has a direct connection from the servers, and it doesn't
look like new software) -Mob version (almost ready, I
'll post it as I have free time) -Casino ( everything will be, there is a transfer of games from the volcano and the connection of API services for online access to slots)
-Bingo (the API has not yet been screwed in)
Stay tuned! I would be grateful for the support to increase the enthusiasm and desire for this project.
The script is absolutely free! And it will never be paid! All for public INSTALLATION

1. Upload the contents of the zip archive to your host
2. Create a new database and upload the sql file
3. In the root of the zip archive file settings.php (write access to the database + specify the site address $ config ['site_adresi'] = "your address ". Other fields can be left blank)
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New member
Jan 15, 2021
nao esta abrindo uma pagina. faço tudo certo mais na hora de abrir nao abre. poderia mim ajudar.
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