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  1. Mr. Black

    OVOO v3.2.6 NULLED - video content management system

    This is a new version of a powerful, flexible and convenient CMS for creating a video portal or streaming service for users with a convenient video content management system. It is easy to use and easy to install Demo Downlaods
  2. Mr. Black

    CTH Directory v1.3.2 - React Native mobile apps for directories

    This is a mobile app built with React Native for WordPress catalog and themes. It helps you create, manage, organize and monetize websites and apps such as Yelp, Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor. Demo Downloads
  3. Mr. Black

    Academy Lms Mobile App v1.0 - Flutter iOS & Android

    A cross-platform iOS and Android app built for LMS Academy students . With this app, students can start learning courses right from their iOS or Android devices. You no longer need to sit down at a computer or desk. Students can study anywhere, anytime, device in hand. We used Flutter, which is...
  4. Mr. Black

    Food Delivery Flutter + PHP Laravel Admin Panel v2.4.1

    A complete solution using the Flutter framework created by Google is an open source mobile app development for building a restaurant app. It is used to develop Android and iOS apps and is also the primary method for creating apps. Our solution uses Laravel (PHP Framework for Webmasters). Laravel...
  5. Mr. Black

    4K / HD Wallpaper Android App v3.2 - Android wallpaper app

    PSWallpapers is a complete Android HD wallpaper app with a backend. Demo Downloads
  6. Mr. Black

    Android Wallpapers App v1.0 NULLED - Android HD Wallpapers

    A great new app that brings all the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds to your Android device. Each high-resolution image is perfectly formatted for display on your phone and comes with a host of user-friendly features. The stunning user interface makes it easy to click and navigate through...
  7. Mr. Black

    Video Utility Converter v1.7

    All in one video converting app that supports most video and audio formats. This app has many features available, such as GIF maker from video or images, video to mp3 or wav, Video Cutter and image capture from video. It contains a gallery module for displaying all converted files in different...
  8. Mr. Black

    PS BuySell v2.9 - Android message board app

    It is a ready-made Android application for message boards such as Olx, Mercari, Offerup and Carousell. It is easy to set up and requires no coding knowledge. Demo Downloads
  9. Mr. Black

    Karenderia Driver Mobile App v1.8.1 - delivery applications for Karenderia

    The Karenderia Driver Mobile App is a mobile application for the Karenderia restaurant system that a restaurant owner can use to manage their daily delivery tasks. Karenderia Driver Mobile App connects to KRMS via json api calls, just install modules for API and settings and you're done. It...
  10. Mr. Black

    Smart School Android App v3.1 - mobile application for Android school

    Smart School Android App is the source code for the Android application for Smart School: School Management System . Smart School Android App is a simple and intuitive student / parent focused app that can access their school information on their mobile phone. The goal is not only to improve the...
  11. Mr. Black

    Android Online Ringtone v2.0.0

    Android Online Ringtone Application is an online Android application that is very easy to set up yet very powerful and simple. Listen to your favorite ringtone with this Android app on your Android device. The app has been specially optimized to be easy to customize and detailed documentation is...
  12. Mr. Black

    Ultimate News App (Video, Youtube, Weather, Survey) 2.0

    The Ultimate News App is an Android-powered mobile system that powers your own Guide app. With powerful features and beautiful design and responsive admin panel, you can manage guides, categories, users, notifications, languages and more. This application is created by Android studio for client...
  13. Mr. Black

    WorDroid v4.4 - Android application for WordPress

    Full featured blogging app in WordPress with tons of features like AdMob, Analytics, Push Notifications, Dedicated Viewer, Offline Reading and more. It's easy to get started with. Just install the required plugins and put in your blog URL and you are ready to go. WordPress V2 API support...
  14. Mr. Black

    Airquaty - Air Quality App UI Kit

    This is an application for air pollution control. It informs users about the level of air pollution in real time. This app can also provide some information about the weather, such as: temperature, humidity, real-time air quality index, etc. Moreover, it can tell where the safe areas are in the...
  15. Mr. Black

    Bookkart v1.0.2: Flutter Ebook Reader App for Wordpress with WooCommerce

    We switched to smartphones and tablets to read while we were on the go. Bookkart is an ebook app for Android that takes your reading experience to the next level. You can read both online and offline. With its unique and eye-pleasing color palette and design, Bookkart provides readers with the...
  16. Mr. Black

    Offline Quiz v3.0.1

    Quiz app for Android with a new interface. Just replace your question in your local SQLite database and the quiz app can be launched. Complete Android source code with leaderboards and achievements. Complete project documentation explaining the step-by-step process. Demo Downloads
  17. Mr. Black

    oobenn v3.8.1 NULLED - social network script like Instagram

    It is a social networking platform with an Instagram interface. With functions hosted in oobenn is a unique script that can be used across multiple projects. You can enable or disable the parts that the participants share. For example, if you have a video sharing project, you will have a video...
  18. Mr. Black

    InfyJobs v2.1.0 - Laravel job portal script with website

    This is a job portal solution built on PHP Laravel Framework. It is a complete script designed to create job portal websites or recruitment websites for job seekers, employers, job search, candidate resumes and profiles. It also includes a powerful admin panel with over 30+ modules, so the...
  19. Mr. Black

    iGuider v4.5 - tour of the webpage user interface

    An interactive, flexible and smart guide to web page elements using jQuery and CSS3. Great for dynamic pages, single page applications, static pages as well as multi-page projects. Demo Downloads
  20. Mr. Black

    Quizier v2.0.0 NULLED - Multipurpose Virus Application

    Planning to start your own online business similar to Playbuzz, BuzzFeed or Nametests? Quizier is a turnkey solution and platform approach for this requirement. Quizier includes all the essential features you need to start a fast-growing online business like Playbuzz or BuzzFeed. You can use...
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